The Heart and Soul of Hunter and Clare Valleys

The Winemakers’ Table with Bruce Tyrrell & Peter Barry

26 May 2011  |  Grand Hyatt Singapore, The Gallery

This is definitely a first. Some may think we are suicidal; to put two winemakers together at the same table to talk about their wines. Well, it is probably true that we have not seen many (or any)wine dinners featuring two winemakers at the same dinner here in Singapore, but in other countries, especially wine producing countries, this may not be that much of a rarity.

Anyhow, the dinner went fine. (Phew!) In fact, the dinner was beautifully orchestrated and with the enlivening chemistry between Bruce Tyrrell and Peter Barry (coupled with the endless pours of their wines, of course), the event became a great party with new-found fans for the two brands.

(In case anyone who missed our previous post, Tyrrell’s Wines is from Hunter Valley, New South Wales and Jim Barry is from Clare Valley, South Australia. And yupe! We are putting the two of them at the same table.)

The Grand Hyatt team did an incredible job and also had very kindly upgraded us to their new swanky “interactive function room” – The Gallery at the mezzanine floor. Comes complete with a stylish living room, stylish designer open kitchen, bar counter, furniture and… “mood” lighting. It’s amost like a show room of a upmarket private penthouse; everything is perfect… except for the “mood” lighting that went totally “moody”.

We would also like to take this opportunity to express special thanks to our friends at Fiji Water, whom had kindly sponsored the water for the evening. They are really brilliant with a soft and smooth mouthfeel and a neutral pH of 7.5; serves as an excellent palate cleansers between each wine. (Want to know your water? Click here:

Yupe! It takes that many people to plan, organise, check and arrange the table settings. What can we say, the Grand Hyatt team is simply meticulous!

The two maestros at work; Peter Barry (foreground) and Bruce Tyrrell checking their wines, making sure that they are all at their best condition before serving. (Apologies for the lighting though… Darn, it got into a mood for some blues)

The Winemakers’ Table featured a total of nine wines – six from Tyrrell’s Wines and four from Jim Barry, Fiji Water and coffee and tea after… oh wait! And there’s food, canapes for pre-dinner cocktail and 6-course dinner to be exact. Guests were fabbergasted by the liquid diet plan, but none actually complained and everyone became really happy as the night passed.

Bruce’s delicious Vat 1 Semillon, Vat 47 Chardonnay and their latest vintage release of Moon Mountain Chardonnay, that was served as a surprise wine. (Not shown here: Jim Barry The Lodge Hill Riesling, like how Peter likes it, bone dry!)

And there were the pretty reds, all in a row: Jim Barry’s First Eleven Cab Sauv, McRae Wood Shiraz and The Armagh Shiraz, as well as Tyrrell’s Vat 9 Shiraz, which was another surprise wine for the night.

Bruce and Peter making a short introduction at the beginning of the dinner. As the wines were poured, formalities made, the two vignerons cajoled the guests into an evening of boisterous fun with their friendly banter, interesting stories, splendid wines and more importantly with their easy-going persona.

Sorry, would have more photos and pcitures of the food… unfortunately, after Peter turns ‘pink’ (see photo above), the rest of the images for the night were just… let’s put it this way, great for entries into Adobe Photoshop Special Effects Competition.

To take a peek at the menu: The Winemakers Table_Event Menu.

To know more about Tyrrell’s Wines and Jim Barry, and tasting notes:

So, it seems that we have started a little wine club with The Winemakers’ Table and looks set to engage more of such private wine dinners regularly. More liquid dieting!

Cheers! And Drink Well!


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