Hello Burgundy!

Re-introducing Maison Joseph Drouhin

:: 2 to 5 March 2011 :: Frederic Drouhin, President of Joseph Drouhin

Finally. Yes, finally… a French label on our wine list. And its Drouhin, one of the most prestigious Domaines in Burgundy, famed for its Montrachet Marquis de Laguiche. Imagine the excitement and elation when we ran our hands over the stacks of beautiful wooden crates, inscribed with the names of some of the most expensive Grand Crus and Premier Crus in the world.

Also, imagine the confusion and horror when we realised a crate of Montrachet Marquis de Laguiche Grand Cru was delivered to someone by mistake, in place of the Chassagne Montrachet. Well, the customer probably thought its fate that wanted him to get that and ended up purchasing it, in addition to what he had originally ordered. Yupe… everything happens for a reason – if a case of Montrachet Grand Cru shows up at your door, ditch the rest and buy it! There’s only really that number of bottles produced in a year!

Frederic Drouhin, President of Joseph Drouhin and third generation of the Drouhin family was in town for a couple of days for a series of trade activities.

Staff orientation with the wines of Joseph Drouhin at Monopole’s office. Followed by a wine talk-tasting with the students of at-sunrice GlobalChef Academy, at the newly furnished wine room.

By the fourth wine during the tasting, the room was rowdier and we were pretty sure the students will not be attending anymore lessons. They hardly spit the wines!

By-invitation only Trade Reception held at The Fullerton Bay, Landing Point.

Featuring Clos des Mouche Blanc Clos des Mouche Rouge and Nuits Saint Georges. Guess that’s why everyone was really smiling that day.

Frederic making an opening address against the backdrop of Marina Bay Sands

An exclusive private dinner was held at Cherry Garden, Mandarin Oriental with more focus on the Grand Crus, Premier Crus as well as some interesting back vintages.
Instead of boring you with complicated terms and intricacies of how Burgundy wines are made, classified, rated, taste etc. etc. (… that you can find on Joseph Drouhin very detail website and the official Burgundy Wines website), here’s some interesting and quirky quotes and sayings about the world’s oldest and most complicated wine region. Have fun:

“Burgundy for Kings” – French Proverb

“In Burgundy, everything is for drinking and nothing for sale, whereas in Bordeaux, everything is for sale and nothing for drinking.” 🙂

“A glass of Nuits (means night) paves the way for yours…”

“The First Duty of wine is to be red…the second is to be a Burgundy.” – Harry Waugh, 1904-2001.

“The Burgundy bottle is shaped that way because it pours faster.” – William Blatch, 1948-present.

“Buying Burgundy is not a spectator sport, but a contact sport. ” – Alex Gambal, 1957-present.



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