The Real Dirt on Yalumba Wine Dinner in Singapore

First and foremost, our sincere apologies for this long awaited post. Its way overdue for more than a month, which is really terrible. There’s probably like a million and one excuses and reasons for not posting this any earlier. But anyhow, let’s skip all that boring excuses and delve into what REALLY happened behind the scenes at the Yalumba Wine Dinner held recently in Singapore.

:: 12 Jan 2011 (1 week to the Event) :: Office ::

Just recovering from the Xmas and New Year Festivities… and getting into the momentum of working after the holidays. Everyone is getting their usual morning dose of caffeine from the nearby coffee stall and engaged in idyllic banter about some festive brawl by a notorious F&B operator of a new outlet with a customer, when the shrill of the phone interrupted the chatter.

“Huh? What do you mean…! This is just grrreat…” So, it seems that the Yalumba Wine Dinner had been over committed, from 70 to 100 persons. Sounds like a great turn out and all’s nice and dandy, yeah?

Till we realised that we may not have sufficient for one or two wines that were featured at the dinner. Since all the wines had been pre-arranged, especially The Signature of three vintages and were shipped to Singapore a month prior, we were scouring all over the warehouse like frantic chicken to do physical stock count, just to make sure we had the extra set aside and had not sold all of those limited edition vintages of Signatures!

Phew! That was a close call.

:: 17 Jan 2011 (1 day to the event) :: Office ::

Another morning, another phone call from the organiser.

“Oh… you know that we moved the event to another function room, right? Its a larger and nicer ballroom.”

“Hmm… okay. So?”

“Oh. And we now have space for some display, right in the centre of the room. Do you have any large Yalumba wooden crates or dummy magnum or jeroboam bottles for display? It will be a great showcase for the brand.”

Sigh. We should have asked Santa for a magic wand for Christmas.

:: 19 Jan 2011 (Actual Day of the Event) :: Grand Hyatt Singapore

In the end, we didn’t get a magic wand. But we had a very talented florist from the Grand Hyatt who did wonders to whatever props we had.

Very dramatic. Very Hyatt style. Very Yalumba Signature.

Brenton – Waving the Yalumba flag at the dinner and trying his best not to crack a joke.

Makes all that pain worthwhile…

Another crowd favourite, together with the Bush Vine Grenache.

Ah… doing the Vietnamese way. Guests had a little fun with the communal style of serving, especially for this gentleman in grey suit who experienced a touch of deja vue since he was an employee at the Grand Hyatt F&B team eons ago.

Finally, doing some real work. Haa… jokes aside, Brenton was really fantastic at the dinner and had engaged the guests and making them understand the wines featured in a most light-hearted manner.

Honestly, it was not all that bad. The organisers were thoroughly helpful, prompt and meticulous in the whole execution of the event. The team at Grand Hyatt was a delight to work with. More importantly, we now hear more people wanting to know more about Yalumba,  The Signature, enjoying and sharing the wines that we represent!

Share Yalumba! Talk. Eat. Drink. Live.

For full details of the menu for that evening: click here
To view the complete library of photos for the event: click here
*All photos courtesy of Asian Masters

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