Fresh Take on South Burgundy – Beaujolais

Georges Duboeuf Crus du Beaujolais 2009 Tasting

hosted by Franck Duboeuf

12 January 2011, DB Bistro Moderne (by daniel Boulud) – Marina Bay Sands

Ahh… Beaujolais.

Yes, it is possbly the most scandalous of French wine producing regions… the rumours, the naysayers and the loads of wine drinkers that “caught on” the misguided perception of Beaujolais over the years.

But, when was your last drop of wine from Beaujolais?

We just ran a wine masterclass recently (nothing got to do with the Beaujolais Tasting), and met with very young female sommelier from France whom had just joined the workforce here in Singapore. She is probably in her early twenties, displays an ingenue personality, terribly earnest and proud to be working at an established restaurant in an exciting city. When asked about the wines she was about to taste; if she had any opinions on the selection, she gave an answer that would have put many learnt critics and experienced sommeliers to shame.

“I cannot comment or draw conclusions if I have not tasted the wines. It will not be respectful to the growers and the winemaker who produced the wines, especially when winemaking is such a delicate industry.”

Well, she hadn’t said that verbatim but essentially that was what she meant. In short, the point here is – Never judge a wine by its bottle. Afterall, this ancient beverage is created and meant simply for enjoyment.

Anyway. Back to Georges Duboeuf Crus du Beaujolais 2009 Tasting, Franck Duboeuf – Managing Director of Georges Duboeuf was in town recently to present 2009 Crus du Beaujolais Tasting at DB Bistro Moderne (by Daniel Boulud), Marina Bay Sands.

Beaujolais is located South of Burgundy and can be separated into three main categories;

  • Beaujolais
  • Beaujolais-Villages
  • Crus of Beaujolais (North of Beaujolais) – Total of 10 Crus

The main or perhaps the only grape varietal that is produced in this region is Gamay, and carbonic masercation is the technique of choice. Beaujolais has long been known for its floral bouquet, an easy drinking varietal with spring-like freshness. Here, we experienced the different terroirs within Beaujolais and how the different land parcels actually produce vastly different styles of the same grape varietal.

Wines that were tasted:
2009 Beaujolais-Villages Flower Range
2009 Chateau des Vierres
2009 Domaine des Buyats
2009 Domaine Desmures
2009 Chateau de la Perriere
2009 Chateau de Nervers
2009 Brouilly Prestige
2009 Belles Grives
2009 Domaine du Mont Chavy
2009 Jean Descombes
2009 Morgon Prestige
2009 Chateau de Grand Pre
2009 Clos des Quatre Vents
2009 Flower Range
2009 Fleurie Prestige
2009 Chateau des Capitans
2009 Julienas Prestige
2009 Flower Range
2009 Domaine de la Tour du Brief

On the whole, the Prestige range was sensational, especially the Brouilly, Fleurie and Julienas. The Prestige range is only produced from the best years, the last was 2005 and now – 2009, which is being touted as “The Vintage of the Lifetime”. Unfortunately, this range is not available in Singapore yet.

The Morgon 2009 Domaine du Mont Chavy was amazing too, with soft garden freshness on the nose yet has a firm chewy texture, hint of spices, sage and kirsch. Another terrific drop would be the Julienas 2009 Chateau des Capitans. Brilliant dark cherry red, fresh-cut grass and waft of peony on the nose and an almost ‘starburst’ like texture on the palate, blackcurrants and strawberries with fine tannins and elegant structure. Both wines offer great value for money too, retailing at under $40 category. Easy drinking and food-freindly, possibly best over Sunday Brunches or a Pot Luck dinner with friends.

The tasting ends off with a simple lunch at DB Bistro Moderne, together with Franck and over a few other wines including the Pouilly-Fuisse 2009 Domaine Beranger and Saint Amour 2009 Domaine du Paradis. Oh! Of course, with Daniel Boulud’s legendary DB Burger.

The beef patty is essential made of three layers – Sirloin beef forms the outer portion of the patty, that was charred black on the outside, red wine braised short ribs forms the ‘second’ layer and in the middle of the 3 inches thick patty, is that melt-in-your-mouth foie gras. Comes with preserved onions, tomato confit and a little tin can of perfectly fried chips. (See… hands were trembling with excitement… while taking photo)

Pity though, the decadent burger proved to be too big for the wines that were served during lunch. Must be the foie gras.

Nonetheless, Beaujolais wines are a great way to introduce someone unfamiliar with Burgundy wines or even red wines for a start… and it is a ‘cheery’ wine that is perfect for a casual bistro lunch or dinner, even a picnic in the gardens or even by the beach! Simply. Just enjoy!

More information on Georges Duboeuf selection or queries:


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