Riesling. Of a Different Style.

Breaking the Mould, Rise of New World Riesling

With Peter Barry, Jim Barry Wines

1 November, 2010 (Mon)

Riesling – Such a feminine name that’s sounds so elegant and poetic. To many, it would conjure flowery, aromatic notes and layers of sweetness at the first instance. Brought to fame by the Germans and Alsatians, Rieslings have pretty much evolved since the last century. Many winemakers especially those located in the New World territory are making Rieslings of almost antipodean style, that has more acidity, fruits, are drier and fantastically food-friendly especially with Asian food.

We are fortunate to have Peter Barry from Jim Barry Wines who was enroute to visit his son in Germany (and incidentally, who is also learning winemaking from a famed German Riesling winemaker)  in Singapore just early part of this week. Well, just a short introduction to Peter for those who don’t already know him. Peter is Peter, forthright and humorous, and he’s also the Managing Director of Jim Barry Wines located in Clare Valley, Adelaide. Clare Valley also produce the largest volume of Riesling for Australia.

With Peter in town, it was the perfect opportunity for us to do a private tasting of dry Rieslings for a small party that comprises of some friends from the media and trade customers. And we did both Eden Valley and Clare Valley Rieslings, just to show the plethora of styles from the same region. Both valleys boast high altitudes and according to Peter, are brilliant for Rieslings as they enjoy bountiful sunlight in the day but cool evenings. Peter, whose winery is one of the members of Australia’s First Family of Wines was kind enough to introduce the Rieslings from his neighbouring wineries.

Wines at the Tasting:

Eden Valley

2010 Pewsey Vale Riesling

2004 Pewsey Vale The Contours

2008 & 2007 Henschke Julius Riesling

Clare Valley

2010, 2008, 1999 Jim Barry The Lodge Hill Riesling

2010, 2008, 2004 Jim Barry The Florita Riesling (Not released in Singapore)

– Followed by tasting of Jim Barry’s reds

Everyone was enthralled by Peter’s funny stories and interesting anecdotes. The tasting was amazing too, the 2004 The Florita was a hot favourite and the 2005 First Eleven Cab Sau showed beautifully now. Actually, Peter himself was blown away by the 2005 First Eleven.

And we all learnt a thing or two from Peter from this tasting. Now, we all need to start putting the bottles to our cheeks before we serve them, just so we know the temperature is right. It was indeed a very good Monday morning, and just another day at Monopole!


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