Our Magic Box – Enomatic

The Magic Box

We faced this little problem every time there’s a tasting; we are left with plenty of wines and we hate to see them go down the drain. Sometimes, we keep these opened wines in our fridge, and open the fridge door every now and then to peek at them longingly… for about a week, hoping we could try to finish them before it ‘combust’ in our climate…

Then, we are being introduced to this very smart device (no… not anything starting with ‘i’)  – Enomatic. This ultra cool wine dispensing machine has been in the market for quite a while now, but the steep prices have deterred many food & beverage operators to invest in this in the past and the local wine culture was at its infancy phase then, so it was not a viable option. Now, the scene has changed and more operators are finding this machine a ‘magic box’ of sorts for offering more wine choices and extending the lifespan of an opened bottle.

Here, we are very lucky indeed to have this little magic box in our office for a limited time period. And it is really perfect solution to our little problem.

How it works

Argon gas is actually the real magic ingredient here. (See… the gas tank that is being plugged into the machine on the side) Its an inert gas that is colourless, odourless, favourless and is 2.5 times heavier than air. Argon… like what’s that? Argon makes up less than 1% off the air that we breathe and it does not interact with anything. And so how does that help to preserve the wine if its just part of air, you may ask. Well, characteristics of the wines changes when it interacts with oxygen. And it will not be long before you get oxidsed wine. So, easy right? Just cut the oxygen and you get to keep the wines longer.

The Enomatic pumps Argon after every serve to preserve the wines. It has an in-built refridgeration so that the wines are kept at the right termperature and here’s a neat trick that it does too; it can be calibrated to dispense the specific volume of wine to be served. A very useful function for food & beverage operators to maximise pouring of each bottle they have. We’ve three settings on ours: Tasting portions at 50ml (15 pours), half glass at 75ml (10 pours) and full glass 125ml (6 pours).

And we are pouring these babies this month:

  • Yalumba Hand Picked Shiraz Viognier
  • Yalumba The Signature – Cab-Shiraz
  • Jim Barry McRae Wood Shiraz
  • Ferrer Bobet – Old Carignane & Granacha

Anything for the domestic arena?

Can’t fit the magic box at home? There’s this little bottle of portion we discovered too. Works the same way as the Enomatic but a little more manual – Winesave. Just a pump from this mysterious black bottle of Argon – Voila! Your opened bottle of wine will be saved.

Where to get them?

Enomatic Asia – www.enomatic.asia or email: sebastien@enomatic.asia

Winesave – www.winesave.net or www.redandwhite.net



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