Let there be… Chairs.

So. We were thrilled to have invited the folks at NTUC FairPrice Finest (one of Singapore’s largest supermarket chains) over to our office for a wine training and presentation on the various labels that will be listed on their shelves. It was not easy to have all of them here at the same time as they have varying shifts and we had to postpone this session a few times. Yes, we were all terribly excited that 12 of the key buyers were be attending.

Then, we took a look at our conference room. We panicked (kindof).

You see, we have not really completed our furnishings and since we only have that many bums in the office, the notion of having more chairs hadn’t really occurred to us. So, let there be chairs… soon!

Look! These are what we’ve got. In case you are wondering, they were procured from this second-hand hotel furniture store. Relics? Yupe. But definitely gave our room some character, and the different pieces and styles are deliberate.

The Chester Chair’s our favourite… (after sanitising and dry-cleaning to remove the odour, that is) Ain’t it masterpiece? Now, we are ready to sell more wines.


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