Amazing (Hill of) Grace…

Henschke Wines, Eden Valley – Totally blown away by the magnitude and historic value of this beautiful vineyard that produces one of the world’s most amazing wines, The Hill of Grace. Located at the Mount Lofty Range of Barossa, Eden Valley is at an altitude of approximately 500m, where the change in climate is quite apparent. Ripening period is delayed by about two weeks and a cooler temperature year-round as compared to Barossa Valley itself.

There, I stood in awe. Of The Grandfather’s Vines… that a vine planted since the 1860s could produce wines that are out of this world. Of the serenity that exude from this plot of vineyard. Of the faint moon that watches over this plot of land, that may have spun some its magic in the grapes that were harvested.

There’s only one word to describe the wines from Henschke – Elegance. A signature that embodies in every Henschke wine. Simply elegant.


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