Monopole – Revving it up!!!

Today seem’s to be the prelude of the hustle and buzz that will hopefully be what a typical day at the office is… its getting busier at Monopole! Hard not to, with Marina Bay Sands soft opening scheduled for this weekend.

8:30am – Check the Ricoh (our mutli-function printer/fax/copier) for orders received and collate with orders received via email
            – Create Sales Orders / Invoices / Delivery Notes
            – Someone will usually go buy Kopi (our locally brewed coffee)
            – Quick update with Sales team on leads, follow up on proposals, new listings or accounts, potentials, inventory levels, orders to be delivered for the day and upcoming orders, events, meetings etc
            – Check and reply emails, and answering phone calls in between
            – Packing of goods for orders that were received in the morning and check all outgoing goods for the day
Lunch Time – Sales team usually heads out by then. <but Chicken Curry and Nyonya Chap Chye (braised cabbage and rice vermicilli in fermented bean paste) in the office. Well, we had to do some ‘breaking-in’ for the new cutlery and crockery that ST bought over the weekend and of course, the microwave, right?

After lunch – This is when there’s a wee bit of breathing space. But sometimes, like today, we had to scurry for some emergencies and making arrangements that were rather time-sensitive.
                – Check the mails. And look what we’ve gotten from our friends at Nautilus! Its so pretty, very Japanese-inspired… didn’t bear to tear it open actually. It’s a CD comprises a run-down of the 25th Vintage which we will be posting another entry very soon. (Follow Nautilus on twitter:

Before you know it, its 5:00pm – Checked for orders again
                            – Create sales orders / tax invoices
                            – Head to store to pack the goods that will be delivering tomorrow morning
                            – Text the Sales team on total orders received
                            – Arrange for delivery
Usually, there will be some who will arrive into the office earlier and some staying later. Well, its like we kind of have an unspoken ‘shift’ schedule. Pretty cool, eh?

Being busy is great, it feels great! And we all hope that this “buzzing” will never end.


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